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Can Cities Attract Workers Back To The Office?

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What is the future for global city centres in this post-pandemic world Cities from Shanghai and New York to Singapore and London are still coming to terms with the fact that a significant of the knowledge workers who used to commute 5 days a week are now spending part of the working week at home This new way of working has had a significant impact on city centre economies So with the new rhythm of working what do city centres and those responsible for their vibrancy need to do to ensure knowledge workers do spend money on the days they are in the office Jace Tyrrell is the outgoing Chief Executive of New West End Company the business partnership representimg Europe s largest and most prestiogious retail amp leisure destination His brief covered 600 businesses in London s West End with a property portfolio of 3 5 billion and an annual turnover of 10 billion anchored on the world famous Bond Street Oxford Street Regent Street amp Mayfair Jace will be returning to his homeland to head up Australia s first Business Improvement District known as BID as the inaugural Chief Executive of the New Sydney Waterfront Company Sydney s Western Harbour is undergoing a 10bn AUD transformation this decade and working with partners his mission it to create the world s best waterfront in the greatest Harbour City How many workers are back at their desks 04 15 Jace agrees that the work from home debate has become highly politicised and somewhat split on the age profile of organisational leadership teams and that city centre environments will need to change to reflect this What do cities have to do to attract workers back 05 59 Jace says there is no silver bullet to attracting workers back Firstly organisations need to think about the office environment and its attractiveness Secondly the environment in terms of dining retail and leisure facilities play a big part and thirdly investment in infrastucture such as transport Will offices have to become almost like an airport lounge or members apos club 10 12 Jace remarks the purpose of the office was being debated before the pandemic and tech companies have been designing offices this way for some time and incporporating gym and lifestyle facilities Will the cost of living crisis affect city centre environments 12 13 Relentless crisis management has defined board thinking for the last 3 years Jace agrees that the energy cost crisis will present a huge problem for businesses and could impact on centres for years What are business improvement districts 17 35 Jace explains the purpose of business improvement districts a concept that is used in the US and UK and the role he will undertaking in Sydney apos s Waterfront transformation project Which city transformation projects does Jace rate 19 20 Jace is impressed with Singapore apos s digitisation and commitment to the environment San Francisco apos s work to bring the whole bay area into the city space and London apos s outstanding cultural offering He cites New York as having been very innovative in the past but remarks that the city apos s infrastructure requires investment and finally is impressed with Berlin apos s collaboration with artists in almost turning buildings inside out What are the skills gaps in city economies 22 04 Unsurprisingly Jace cites hospitality and retail as sectors where skills and workers are lacking and of course how Brexit too has impacted At 22 43 Jace outlines the campaign that Westminster City Council and The Mayor apos s Office to attract 2000 local workers into the leisure sector Resources https newsydneywaterfront com auhttps www newwestend com https www linkedin com in jacetyrrell