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16 – Enion Pelta-Tiller – An Improvised Life

May 1, 2020

Open your mind to an improvised life with special guest fiddler Enion Pelta-Tiller Together host Andy Reiner and Enion examine the struggle of staying positive while playing one of the world s hardest instruments and […]


Minisode Mindful Living With Charity Collier

April 2, 2020

I invited Charity Collier a licensed substance abuse counselor and mindfulness meditation expert to discuss how to deal with stress and overwhelm and how mindfulness calms the mind We answer some questions that we explored […]


So There’s A Crisis, Now What?

March 17, 2020

A Mindful Soul Center podcast minisode with practical steps you can take now – this crisis is an opportunity for personal growth learning to set boundaries reigniting your passions and so much more but first […]


Life On Earth Podcast Minisode

March 14, 2020

In this episode I read part of a chapter from the book Gratitude Shmatitude Don t just think it do it following that some commentary on us and our responsibility that can feel quite overwhelming […]