Dan Mathews: Like Crazy

When I moved my mom in I certainly felt okay now I m off the market I ve got a broken-down house a crazy mother a high-pressure job being a vegan activist at PETA this is not really a good resume for finding Mr Right Dan Mathews Dan Mathews is the Director of Campaigns at PETA He s been there since the 80s when he was hired as a receptionist right after college Dan s responsible for PETAs most controversial and outlandish campaigns including the I d Rather Go Naked Than Wear Fur ads He s been arrested more than 20 times but all for good reason – having changed the world for millions of animals He is also the author of two books Committed and most recently Like Crazy Life with My Mother and Her Invisible Friends a darkly funny memoir about the hardships and rewards of taking in a mentally and physically fragile parent It shows the spectacular amount of expansion and growth that result from to choosing to do the right thing over the easy thing from choosing the more beautiful life Dan is brilliant extremely funny and a gift to humans and animals everywhere Click here to visit this podcast episode