Enlightened Parenting With Ellen Gottlieb

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Sam is joined Mindful Parenting Specialist Ellen Gottlieb Ellen began to study mindful parenting more than 12 years ago when she wanted to shift her own parenting practices Mindful parenting is her passion and has resulted in the creation of her thriving coaching practice Enlightened Parenting Ellen s work focuses on helping parents shift deeply entrenched parenting patterns She helps parents create the space for deeper connection with their children increase their children s self-confidence and reduce their anxiety stress and unhappiness On today s episode of the Conscious Consultant Hour Sam returns from a brief hiatus to invite Ellen Gottlieb founder of Enlightened Parenting onto the show Following our traditional quotes from the Universe and Abraham regarding the redundancy of being unhappy and how thoughts become things Ellen joins the show to elaborate on her passion about mindful methods of parenting Ellen wishes to shift common mindsets in parenting that often hold children back As a lawyer by trade Ellen found an opportunity to shift her focus in life after seeing the degrees of unhappiness in both her children and their peers Sam and Ellen delve into the modern landscape of schooling and how parents may be imposing stress upon their children by placing unrealistic expectations upon them Ellen believes that children need encouragement to be their authentic selves but it can create problems when many parents themselves don t know their own selves The issue of bullying is also profiled with the caveat that many children who choose to bully others often have unresolved emotional issues or rocky lives at home Children are here to teach us as much as we are to teach them Ellen then profiles two major focal points of her philosophy communication and letting go of one s ego Numbers on sheets of paper do not define the worth of a child Ellen then profiles an instance of allowing her youngest daughter to indulge her sense of jealousy as a form of emotional release which then led to a recontextualizing of said jealousy as she worked through the emotions Ellen then finally breaks down the how of being a conscious parent There s something here I don t know but I don t know what I don t know And I m going to find out We are kinder to our friends and those who we know can leave us than we are to our children Click here to visit this podcast episode