Ep06: Set Up Your Entities For Real Estate Asset Protection With Jeffrey Breglio

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Do you want to know how a few dollars spent today will save you a fortune in the long run Jeffrey Berglio reveals the answer in this episode as he offers competent legal advice to help you mitigate the risks of lawsuits safeguard your properties and run your business like an actual business Key takeaways to listen forAlternative investments and RE business models Which is right for you Property protection strategies and how you can utilize themWhy you should start with a simple asset protection structureImportance of setting up an LLC early in your businessDo passive investors need their own LLC Helpful tips on how to build and manage legacy wealthResources mentioned in this episodeREI Tribe Breath by James Nestor Kindle and PaperbackLight from Uncommon Stars by Ryka Aoki Kindle and Paperback Income StatementBalance SheetAbout Jeffrey BreglioJeffrey is an attorney real estate investor private lender and real estate educator living in Salt Lake City with over 25 years experience in the real estate industry As an attorney he has engaged in creating multimillion-dollar syndications business formations as well as family and asset protection structures He is also uniquely experienced in the use of retirement account self-direction in real estate investing He is the owner of REI Title and escrow officer focusing on commercial closings Currently serving on the boards of two local real estate associations he shares his extensive knowledge with other investors on a regular basis Through his career Jeffrey had been involved in over 4000 residential and commercial real estate transactions seeing them from multiple perspectives Connect with JeffreyWebsite REIMasteryuConnect with UsTo learn more about growing your wealth through multifamily investment opportunities visit Monument Real Estate Capital and schedule a call Follow our social media pages Facebook Monument Real Estate CapitalLinkedIn Monument Real Estate Capital