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Ep133: 7 Questions To Ask A Mentor

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The second greatest technique to learning after experiencing is to ask about the experience but how should we ask So today we ll look at 7 questions you should ask your mentor that will provide you with various information you can use to hedge against anything whether in business or life Check out this episode to learn more WHAT YOU LL LEARN FROM THIS EPISODE What should be the life of an ideal mentor The importance of focusing on the right things Platforms to help you find quality business relationships Why you should unlearn disadvantageous habits Benefits of paying attention to details RESOURCES LINKS MENTIONED The Power List by Andy Frisella on Paperback Ep131 This Is The Time To Be Lean And Mean CONNECT WITH US Email shawn greenbriarcg com Instagram Shawn Winslow YouTube Shawn Winslow LinkedIn Shawn Winslow Facebook Shawn Winslow Click here to visit this podcast episode