Episode 10 – YA Fiction We Love

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In this week s episode we discuss our love of young adult fiction both how it influenced us as tweens and how it continues to this day Learn about Leah and Eydie s childhood fictional heroines You ll also hear about Leah s favorite app for magazines and yet another podcast that Eydie loves You ll be mesmerized by Leah and Eydie s dulcet read-aloud voices as well as get a flashback to the time of phone books so thick you could stand on them to reach the cookie cupboard You re welcome to check out our blogs Eydie s is littleranchhouseintheprairie blogspot com Leah s is newstarteveryday blogspot com Also please peruse Prairie Girl Etsy Site - she s got greeting cards galore We d love it if you d join us at the Chit Chat Coop on FaceBook where you can respond to this week s chit chat challenge The Coop is a fun place to gather and get to know more Chicks and Roosters If you enjoyed the episode please share with your friends and we d love it if you d write us a review on iTunes Many thanks Cluck cluck Click here to visit this podcast episode

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