Episode 171 Beyond Bratwurst

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German cuisine is often thought of as brats and not much else Ursula Heinzelmann is here to change that perception and shes this weeks guest on A Taste of the Past Ursula is an acclaimed German food and wine writer a sommeli re and a gastronome Shes written numerous books on the subject of German cuisine and has twice been awarded the annual Sophie Coe Prize in Food History at the Oxford Symposium on Food and Cookery most recently in 2006 Her latest book is called Beyond Bratwurst A History of Food in Germany Tune in to this program to get an in depth look at the culture cuisine and traditions of Germany This program was sponsored by Bonnie Plants If I had to define German food – it would be diversity always 14 00 Food is all about meeting people getting to know their food and sharing it 30 00 –Ursula Heinzelmann Click here to visit this podcast episode