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Episode 27 – What Is Cool?

Cool has become a cultural monolith in the past hundred years and an idea we all instinctively recognize but what is its nature Beyond the temporary fads or current trends what is the essence of the thing we all mean when we point to the Cool itself Who decides what is and what is not cool and how do we know what will be cool in the future In this episode we discuss the fundamental foundations of coolness and the core values that define it beyond the particular momentary expressions We delve into the historical instances that are held up as icons and the peculiarly unique ways we each can find our own sorts of cool within ourselves In a world fueled by insecurity we seek to reach beyond the dictation of powers that would make us second guess our own instincts to learn how to stand in our own unique awesomeness Support the Show Direct Donations via PayPal – thesapientsimian gmail comPatreon page – http www patreon com TheSapientSimianSupport the show