Episode 99: Milk Through The Ages

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Is milk natures perfect food This week on A Taste of the Past Linda Pelaccio is joined by cookbook historian Anne Mendelson to debunk this myth Anne is the author of Milk The Surprising Story of Milk Through the Ages a cookbook and overview of milks history Learn about milks volatile chemistry the differences between different mammals milks and Annes thoughts on the raw milk debate Also Anne explains the beginnings of the pasteurization and homogenization processes and how it changed the lives of urban dwellers in the late 1800s Hear about modern pasteurization processes from small to large scale This program has been brought to you by Cain Winery It milk is intended to be supplied in one particularly way and one alone under those circumstances it is quite safe to drink even if its raw But if you divert it if you interrupt that closed system it changes as soon as you divert it into the outside world youve already interrupted nature the moment you do that Raw milks sales allow farmers to sell directly to consumers without a middle man And its one of the ways that farmers can sell their product for a price so that they can make a living –Anne Mendelson on A Taste of the Past Click here to visit this podcast episode