How To Feel Happy, Powerful, And Fully Alive

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Anine s relationship with herself transformed from self-judgment and thinking something was wrong with her that she needed to be fixed to one of self-acceptance appreciation and love We are all gifted and that there is a purpose to everyone s lives The meaning of our lives is to discover our purpose and share who we are with the world And it is only when we connect with our true selves our essence that we truly come alive Anine has grown her self-confidence and self-esteem which has helped her get more clarity about her direction as well as how to show up in life both in social settings and in relation to how she approached her work Dare to be real Valeria interviews Anine Ekelund She is an entrepreneur re-ignition coach workshop- and retreat facilitator with a Masters in holistic health education She has been practicing worldwide both online and in person for the past twenty years with her proven Dare to Be Real program that have helped hundreds of women who struggle with self-doubt or experience an existential crisis to connect with their passion purpose and self-worth Anine has a wast experience working with both women and men from many walks of life from stay home mothers to entrepreneurs and CEO s She currently target ambitious kind-hearted women who struggle to stand up for their needs and wishes A woman who has put her own talents ambitions and dreams on the backburner to support her loved ones as she empathises deeply with their diminished self worth and emotional turmoil from living under their capacity She has a background as a management consultant and has facilitated leadership training programs worldwide and in Fortune 500 companies She has worked as a certified life coach since 2004 founded and led several support networks conducted speaking engagements and facilitated workshop series since 2006 She coaches in English Swedish and Norwegian To learn more about Anine Ekelund and her work please visit aninergy com and anineekelund coach This podcast is a quest for well-being a quest for a meaningful life through the exploration of fundamental truths enlightening ideas insights on physical mental and spiritual health The inspiration is Love The aspiration is to awaken new ways of thinking that can lead us to a new way of being being well Click here to visit this podcast episode