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Indie Artist Akintunde Michael Kayode, And The Lost Truth Are On Air!

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AKINTUNDE MICHAEL KAYODE 45 year old black man born in Nigeria and raised from a baby in Washington DC by my African American single mom I grew up listen to a wide variety of genres for someone in my community I did love GoGo and Hip Hop like everyone else My mom exposed me to Anita Baker Tina Turner Michael Franks Sade Franke Beverly and Maze I started writing songs with a Soca artists in the early 2000 s and we made some great music in all genres Because social media hadn t arrived yet it was hard to get the songs out of the makeshift studio and into the world Now with apps like this I have the ability to link with trained pros who know how to open doors Being the writer and executive producer on my songs and leaving the singing to the pros I m kinda like Quincy Jones THE LOST TRUTH The lost truth I just started making music last year I always love music as a kid and wanted to make music I know I m not the best singer in the world lol but it doesn t hurt to try My real name is Justin sellers I always promote people to do what they love to do and don t be afraid to go do it I have a podcast talk show I do every now and then called the lost truth yes the same name I use as a artist name I like to keep stuff simple I m a simple person I m not expecting to blow up as a super star off my music I just wanted to make some music that I can call mines and share it with the world even some people won t like it and that s ok everything we do in life is a left lesson Click here to visit this podcast episode