Kelly Guerin: Love Begets Love

we are trying to make something watchable that is just unwatchable I don t want to be here and I don t want to see this And every part of me wants to turn away but you have to engage with it and you have to come out the other end with something that hopefully can encourage other people to stick with long enough to have it land – Kelly Guerin How we treat animals is how we treat humans Kelly Guerin is a documentary filmmaker who has been making that connection for as long as she s been making films She is a part of the extraordinary We Animals Media Team and has worked independently as well as alongside NGO s to direct film and edit dozens of short films spanning topics of animal protection environmental justice and human rights throughout the world Her debut feature length documentary Nations of Their Own is set to be released in 2021 The film takes place in occupied Palestine and follows an unexpected group of activists who are on a mission to rescue their country from the effects of decades of military occupation starting with its animals Click here to visit this podcast episode