New Podcast Subcategories on Our Podcast Network On June 2021

The new podcast categories for yur podcast on our podcast network
The New York City Podcast has introduced subcategories in June 2021. Besides the 10 main categories on the top menu of our podcast network on every page, we plan on adding over 100 subcategories by the end of 2021. Every Professional level podcast will earn 2 to 5 subcategories. The Basic podcast levels will earn 1 to 3 subcategories.

What are subcategories for your podcast?

Subcategories for podcasts act as children categories of the main categories and we plan on adding a new index of subcategories in July 2021. This new index will grow. Subcategories will not appear under each main category as they will be treated as separate podcast categories, but it will give podcasts an even greater chance to be found and grouped together like tags of a blog. Speaking of tags, we also plan on adding a tag cloud of all categories as well.

How can subcategories help my podcast?

Subcategories will help your podcast be found by more potential subscribers. We use podcast subcategories to group even more podcasts for those potential subscribers who are looking for specific podcasts not covered by our main podcast categories. Not only are podcast subcategories good for your podcast itself, it is good for your audience. Our main goal is to help our podcast network visitors find the most relevant podcasts. Main categories are not good specific drilled-down searches of podcasts for your potential audience, but subcategories help podcast audiences drill down and find more podcasts that suit their interest and needs.