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Anxiety Therapist Podcast is a self-help show for coping with stress, anxiety disorders, panic attacks, excessive worry, and depression. Frank Sasso is a clinical mental health therapist and physical fitness trainer uses a blend of psychology as well as exercise to inspire wellness for individuals along with families who struggle with everything from OCD to health anxiety. As a cognitive behavioral therapist, the show host shares practical information for those seeking to get anxiety under control. To dive deeper please visit

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Are Negative Thoughts Destroying Your Life?

Published 07/27/2021
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Relaxing Guided Mediation For Stress Management

Published 07/20/2021
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How To Calm Anxiety Symptoms With Acceptance

Published 07/13/2021
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How Do I Help My Kids Choose The Right Career?

Published 07/06/2021
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How To Handle School Bully

Published 06/29/2021
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3 Reasons Your Wife Stopped Having Sex With You

Published 06/22/2021
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5 Toxic Parenting Signs Bonus

Published 06/15/2021
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5 Ways My Wife Coped With Postpartum Depression

Published 06/14/2021
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How To Look Younger At 50 With Halo Laser Treatment

Published 06/07/2021
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Facelift Without Plastic Surgery Part 1 - IPL Laser Treatment

Published 05/31/2021
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How To Build A Power Outage Emergency Kit For Your Family

Published 05/17/2021
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Why Adopting A Child Requires Honesty

Published 05/09/2021
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3 Tips For Having Babies Later In Life

Published 04/29/2021
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