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We’re a group of friends telling a fun fantasy story together. An audio play if you will. Join us for some crazy adventures while learning the secrets behind our created world!

DeathShifter takes place in a technologically advanced fantasy world that lost magic thousands of years ago. Follow along with Clay and his new companions as they try to get his memory back while discovering hidden places and secrets about their world.

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18 episodes!!!

The Death Address - Episode 7 - Mix#1

Published 04/12/2021
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The Death Address - Episode 6 - King Edward II

Published 03/29/2021
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Episode 11 - The Imp-osters

Published 03/22/2021
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The Death Address - Episode 5 - Aeschylus

Published 03/15/2021
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Episode 10 - Sea Serpent, Cybernetics, Wizards. Oh My.

Published 03/08/2021
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The Death Address - Episode 4 - Ragnar Lothbrok

Published 03/01/2021
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Episode 9 - Let It Reign Fire

Published 02/24/2021
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The Death Address - Episode 3 - Sigurd The Mighty And Artemisia

Published 02/08/2021
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Episode 8 - Gimme Some Of That Good Stuff

Published 02/01/2021
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The Death Address - Episode 2 - Albert Einstein

Published 01/25/2021
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Episode 7 - Ice, Ice, Yeti

Published 01/18/2021
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The Death Address - Episode 1 - Atilla The Hun

Published 01/11/2021
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Episode 6 - Walking In A Wizard Wonderland

Published 01/04/2021
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Episode 5 - Red Wine And Smooth Gyrations

Published 12/21/2020
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Episode 4 - Living In The Land Down Under

Published 12/07/2020
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Episode 3 - Aquahoes Before Surfy Bros

Published 11/23/2020
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Episode 2 - A New Purpose

Published 11/09/2020
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Episode 1 - Port-O-Party

Published 10/26/2020
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