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Destroying myths, misconceptions and mistakes of historic New England one story at a time. Join Alexander Cain and his fellow history nerds as they explore some of the more entertaining and unknown people and events of 18th and early 19th Century New England.
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The Battle Of Bunker Hill

Published 06/28/2021
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The Loyalist Plight

Published 06/14/2021
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The Battle Of Chelsea Creek

Published 05/29/2021
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The Ipswich Fright

Published 05/18/2021
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Massachusetts Privateers During The Siege Of Boston

Published 05/06/2021
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Anxiety And Distress: The Civilian Experience Of The Siege Of Boston

Published 04/25/2021
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Stand Your Ground: The Battle Of Lexington

Published 04/07/2021
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This Is My Little Girl That I Was So Afraid The Red Coats Would Get: The Civilian Evacuation Of April 19, 1775

Published 03/28/2021
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Tory Pilots: The Loyalist Guides Of The Battles Of Lexington And Concord

Published 03/21/2021
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A Good Firearm: The Massachusetts Minute Men

Published 03/14/2021
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The Plan Of Oppression: Lexington On The Eve Of The American Revolution

Published 03/06/2021
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18th Century Lexington: A Web Of Interdependence

Published 02/27/2021
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