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Matt and Cale read comics is a biweekly podcast where we dissect a comic and comment on the sweet gooey innards.
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6 episodes!!!

1. Episode 5 - Matt And Cale Read "Superman Smashes The Klan" With Chris Manson

Published 11/18/20
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2. Episode 4 - Matt And Cale Read "V For Vendetta" With Mark Allard-Will

Published 11/05/20
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3. Episode 3 - Matt And Cale Read Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth

Published 10/20/20
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4. Episode 2 - Matt And Cale Read Dracula

Published 10/06/20
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5. Episode 1 - Matt And Cale Read Watchmen

Published 09/23/20
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6. Episode 0 - An Intro To The Show

Published 09/21/20
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