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A biweekly analytical comics podcast. Every episode join cartoonist & comics educator Matt Smith and cosplayer & mainstream comics fan Cale Werake as they dive deep into a different graphic novel. Our two comics aficionados examine a book’s writing, art and cultural impact, often joined by friends from the comics industry as they celebrate the medium of comics!
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Matt And Cale Read "JLA: Earth 2" With The Hosts Of "The Earth 2 Podcast"

Published 04/08/2021
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14: Matt And Cale Read "Daytripper" With John Lees

Published 03/25/2021
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13: Matt And Cale Read "The Vision"

Published 03/11/2021
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12: Matt And Cale Read "Batman: Mad Love" With Ryan Howe

Published 02/24/2021
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11: Matt And Cale Read "Blankets" With Elaine M. Will

Published 02/11/2021
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10 Part 2: Matt And Cale Read "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns"

Published 02/04/2021
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10: Matt And Cale Read "Batman: The Dark Knight Returns" (Part 1)

Published 01/28/2021
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9: Matt And Cale Read "30 Days Of Night"

Published 01/14/2021
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8: Matt And Cale Read "Daredevil: Born Again" With Josh Raub

Published 12/30/2020
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7: Matt And Cale Read "We3"

Published 12/16/2020
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6: Matt And Cale Read "Sin City: A Dame To Kill For"

Published 12/01/2020
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5: Matt And Cale Read "Superman Smashes The Klan" With Chris Manson

Published 11/18/2020
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4: Matt And Cale Read "V For Vendetta" With Mark Allard-Will

Published 11/05/2020
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3: Matt And Cale Read "Arkham Asylum: A Serious House On Serious Earth"

Published 10/20/2020
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2: Matt And Cale Read "Dracula"

Published 10/06/2020
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1: Matt And Cale Read "Watchmen"

Published 09/23/2020
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0: Intro

Published 09/21/2020
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