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In this podcast my main goal is to discuss the several controversial topic from the manosphere online.

I will bring guest that agrees and disagrees with the manosphere stance on modern women and dating and relationships. Because the center of my life is meditation and transcending this world. I will present a spiritual viewpoint on these very controversial topics.

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Should We Save Or Destroy This Romantic Relationship

Published 10/13/2021
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ThaTranscender Talking With Stefanee Sasaki Adam22 Vs Kiki Clout Fight

Published 09/28/2021
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Brittany Renner Vs Pj Washington Controversie And Many Other TOPICS

Published 09/15/2021
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ThaTranscender Talks About Taboo Topic With Female Guest

Published 09/06/2021
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Fresh And Fit Vs Anna Quinn Fitness Woman Defends Myron

Published 08/30/2021
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Aba And Preach Vs Fresh And Fit Drama. Karma Strikes Back

Published 08/23/2021
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ThaTranscender And Alice Debate Men Vs Women In The Dating

Published 08/16/2021
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Loyalty Between Men And Women After Female Get Kicked Out Part 2

Published 08/13/2021
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Women Get Kicked Out Of Fresh And FIt Podcast Part 1

Published 08/10/2021
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ThaTranscender Talks To Jenny Babas About Dating,Relationships Etc

Published 08/02/2021
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Fresh And Fit Debates Mike Rashid

Published 06/27/2021
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