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The Healing House Podcast with Patricia On the New York City Podcast Network

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Hi! I’m Patty. After my own experience with the β€œDark Night of the Soul” (a sort of existential crisis), I was inspired by books and podcasts to help other humans. In this podcast, I explore conversations that blur lines between mind, body, and spirituality to start the healing process. We’ll discuss all human things like psychology, meaning, trauma, meditation, self-care, relationships, health, and simply just existence. I hope to help you find meaning here on this whacky mysterious planet we all are on! Instagram: @mzxpatrisha
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Intro To Ayahuasca + Listening To Our Inner Guidance With Nicolas Canon

Published 08/04/2022
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How To Let Go And Fall In Love With The Present Moment

Published 10/21/2021
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Kevin Crenshaw - @the.heart.guy On Relationships, Cycles, And Trauma

Published 07/16/2021
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Wim Hof Method: The Science Behind Ice Baths + Breath Training With Brandon Powell

Published 10/07/2020
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Awakening + The Dark Night With Jamie Munday

Published 08/24/2020
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My First "Dark Night" -Trauma, EMDR, + Existential Abandonment

Published 08/13/2020
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