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Geared toward the analytically minded, this podcast uses Coaching, Science and Logic to help you understand and use your brain to help you improve your quality of life and create the results that you want. Up-Level everything, from your work, relationships, parenting, weight and most importantly, your mental and emotional well-being, by recognizing and using the incredible power of Your Badass Brain. If you struggle to relate to a lot of the “fluffy” self-help tools out there or want to increase your arsenal with tools based on logic and science, this is the podcast for you.
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Fear Of Being Judged

Published 04/09/2021
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Changing A Relationship

Published 03/26/2021
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Becoming Happier

Published 03/05/2021
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Base Brain Beat Down

Published 02/10/2021
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Fear Of Missing Out

Published 01/15/2021
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New Year’s Evolution

Published 01/05/2021
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Believing New Things

Published 12/18/2020
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Life Is 50/50

Published 12/08/2020
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The Positive Power Of Negative Emotion

Published 11/27/2020
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Think On Purpose

Published 11/18/2020
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Start To Use Your Badass Brain

Published 11/09/2020
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Podcast Trailer

Published 10/27/2020
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