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You’re Not Finished is a mental health & wellness podcast hosted by Brittany Franklin. Talking about personal experiences, suicide prevention, & exposing barriers that add stigma to mental health & prevent people from healing. #YNF
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#YNF EP06 - Review Of Bo Burnham: Inside

Published 06/11/2021
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#YNF EP05 - Friendships & Mental Health

Published 05/25/2021
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#YNF EP04 - Mental Health & The Church

Published 05/17/2021
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#YNF EP03 - The Porn Problem

Published 04/19/2021
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#YNF EP02 - The Intro, Pt. 2 + Self-Care

Published 04/07/2021
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#YNF EP01 - The Intro

Published 03/30/2021
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