Podcasters can now submit blog posts of their podcasts to our New York City Podcast Audience

Are you ready with your blog post? Great, you can submit it at https://nycpodcastnetwork.com/submit-your-blog-post-to-the-new-york-city-podcast-network/   - Please read the details.

We are so happy to have you with us on the New York City Podcast Network. Building an audience for your podcast is our job. We will assist in marketing your podcast to our subscribers on the New York City Podcast Network. We are now allowing podcasters to submit a blog post for free about your podcast. That blog post will be approved by our podcaster relations team and be published. Our goal is to get two blog posts every week.

To submit your blog post about your podcast, you can type it at https://nycpodcastnetwork.com/submit-your-blog-post-about-your-podcast/

Please keep in mind that we have guidelines that need to be followed in order for us to approve and publish your blog post:

  1. Your blog post must be about YOUR podcast and nobody else's.
  2. Your podcast must be listed on the New York Podcast Network. If your podcast is not yet signed up with us, you can sign up for free at https://nycpodcastnetwork.com/sign-up-your-podcast/
  3. All content must be grammar and spell-checked. All content must be written in proper and correct English.
  4. The blog post must contain a minimum of 750 words. There is no maximum, so write as much as you'd like about your podcast.
  5. Paid podcast subscriptions will receive faster review and publishing than free subscriptions.
What To Include In Your Blog Post

You may include any of the following:

  1. What your podcast is about
  2. How often you post new episodes
  3. When you post new episodes
  4. What platforms your podcast is available on such as iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, Anchor, etc.
  5. Any and all web site addresses associated with your podcast
  6. Any social media for your podcast including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, etc.
  7. All of your notable and special guests

Submit Your Blog Post Here:

Visit our blog submission page at https://nycpodcastnetwork.com/submit-your-blog-post-to-the-new-york-city-podcast-network/ to submit your blog post about your podcast.

Frequently Asked Questions About Submitting Blog Posts to the New York City Podcast Network About Your Podcast

Do I Need To Have My Podcast on the New York City Podcast Network?

Yes, we will publish blog posts for any podcast listed on the New York City Podcast Network. This offer is open all free and paid podcast subscriptions. Sign up here if your podcast is not yet listed.

Do I need to be a paid member of the New York City Podcast Network in order to have my blog post published?

No, we will also publish blog posts from free podcasts, but the paid podcast memberships get published and reviewed first.


How many words does my blog post need to be published on the New York City Podcast Network?

We are looking for true blog posts, so a minimum of 750 words will improve your chances of being approved.

Does my blog post content need to be original or can I copy it from another source about my own podcast on the New York City Podcast Network?

We need all original content. This content cannot come from another source. It will be written from scratch.  

How many words are blog posts on the New York City Podcast Network?

We require a minimum of 750 words, but you can write as many words over that as you would like. There is no maximum for the blog post. You can write anything about your podcast from your content to special guests, to the music you play, to your audience. You can also include all links that lead to your podcast including any websites and social media including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn groups, Instagram, and anything else. Some of our podcasters are already submitting an average of 1,500 words since they want better ranking on Google and the other major search engines. We do not require that many, but the more you submit, the better exposure you will get for your podcast and a greater way to build up your audience.