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Podcasting In Your Prime – This Is Your Time Eps. #228

Hello and welcome to episode 228 of the Delaware Blogger Podcast here on Anchor FM If you have yet to subscribe or Favorite my channel nbsp I invite you to do so now because every week I provide podcasting pointers that will help you launch and grow your podcast and if you prefer to see my face in the place with these pointers head over to YouTube and subscribe – using my name Antionette Blake Today s topic Podcasting in Your Prime – This is Your Time Most of you that have been following me and my blog Delblogger knows that my tagline is Boomer Who Blogs with a Millenial Mind and that my target market audience and clients are usually boomers and beyond you know those of us born between 1946 and 1964 personally it was 1961 for me and last month on September 20th to be exact I celebrated my 59th Birthday and just the month before on August 11th I celebrated 30 years of marriage Some of you may say wow that s a long time or gurl you are old – but I respond with age ain t nothin but a number – now ask me about my podcasts With age comes wisdom and common sense yes we went to school many to HBCU s or institutes of higher learning but nothing I learned in college back in the late 70 s and 80 s prepared me for what s going on in the world now – but that s a different story for a different day Anywho with age comes wisdom and knowledge that we can share with others which is why I encourage women AND men of a particular age to think about or actually to start a podcast We can share not only life skills but corporate skills job skills family skills educational skills technology skills speaking skills musical skills storytelling skills I could go on and on but you know where I am going Once you get to a certain point in life there is knowledge and wisdom to share and doing so on a podcast is probably the best platform today nbsp You can command the attention of 100 s 1000 s even perhaps millions of people using your own voice and you can do it from the comfort of your home in a t-shirt and shorts like me So I hope I have motivated a few of you boomers and beyond to take the next step to start a podcast and I hope those that I spoke with last week will definitely pursue their passion because age is just a number and we should be podcasting in our prime time which is now So if you are ready to share your skills with the world using your voice please send an email to info ablakeenterprises com to register for the 2-hour Podcasting Your Purpose Coaching Session and you will receive a Resource Guide printables and other great items to get you started and launched and even learn how to monetize your podcast https linktr ee delblogger — Send in a voice message https anchor fm delawareblogger messageClick here to visit this podcast episode