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PodKnow is the next generation online podcasting conference. Speakers will present and teach attendees their expertise on topics to help podcasters better succeed with their current shows as well as give presentations on breaking into podcasting as a beginner.

Events Details

  • Date: Saturday, June 26, 2021
  • Time: 8:30 AM from the Keynote Speech till 5:00 PM Eastern Standard Time
  • Presentation length: Each presentation will last 35 minutes with a 10-minute Q&A session
  • Presentation titles are listed under the Speakers section below.
  • At the end of the day, we will be having a Q&A panel discussion where attendees can ask the panel anything on monetization, audience growth, and more.
  • Cost is $20USD till March 31, 2021. Between April 1st and June 25th, 2021, the price will be $35USD. Admissions are paid through Paypal and major credit cards.
  • Podcast Guest Lighting Round – Introduce yourself to podcasters

Topics Will Include

  • Growing your audience and increasing subscribers
  • Choosing a podcast hosting platform
  • Creating a binge-worthy podcast equivalent to Netflix shows
  • Making money with your podcast
  • Benefits of having your show on a podcast network
  • The best social networks for podcasters
  • And more

Panel Discussion

Join us at the end of the day for a Q&A panel discussion. 4 panelists who are experienced podcasters and podcast marketers will take your questions for anything related to podcasting.

Podcast Guest Lightning Round

If you are looking to appear as a guest on podcasters, here is your chance to introduce yourself to podcasters. We will go around the Zoom room and once called, podcast guests will announce themselves in 30 seconds.

Entertainment By the PodKnow 2021 Band Featuring

They will take a break from the presentations and entertain attendees with classics from the 70s and 80s.

Bruce Chamoff (Vocals, Keyboards, Bass)

Tommaso Vitaly (Guitar)

Jason Meekins (Drums)

Presentation Speakers & Panelists

Antionette Blake Podcast Guest On the NY City Podcast Network
Antionette Blake
Create a Binge-Worthy Podcast As Powerful As Any Netflix Program To Increase Your Streams
ichard Butler PodKnow 2021 Online Podcasting Conference Q&A Panelist from the New York City Podcast Network
RIchard Butler
Q&A Panelist
Merrill Loechner on the NY City Podcast Network
Merrill Loechner
Ready To Launch - Breaking into Podcasting
Podcast Guest Bruce CHamoff
Bruce Chamoff
Opening Keynote/
Why Your RSS Feeds Is The Most Powerful and Magical Podcast Marketing Tool You Will Ever Need to Grow

Hilary Topper
Making Real Money From Your Podcast

Rich Kruse
Become a Podcast Influencer and Voice Persuasion To Your Audience

Adrian Miller
5 Top Sales Tips for Podcasters
Travis Johnson PodKnow 2021 Online Podcasting Conference Q&A Panelist from the New York City Podcast Network
Travis Johnson
Q&A Panelist
marc c halpert On the New York City Podcast Network Podcast Guest Exchange
Marc W. Halpert
What you Absolutely Positively Have to be Doing on LinkedIn Now (Podcaster Edition)
Evo Terra PodKnow 2021 Panelist
Evo Terra

Frank DeMilt
Finding Your Voice and Identifying Your Niche
Donna Drake Podcast Presenter at PodKnow 2021 on the NY City Podcast Network
Donna Drake
Learn to F.O.C.U.S.
Chris Brogan - Keynote Speaker on the New York City Podcast Network
Chris Brogan
Keynote Speaker
Jason Van Orden PodKnow 2021 Conference Speaker at the New York City Podcast Network
Jason Van Orden
How to Leverage Your Podcast to Drive New Business

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Event Details Sign Up Speakers Panel Discussion Entertainment Topics