The Big Brand Formula With Gerry Foster

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CONSCIOUS CONSULTANT HOUR AWAKENING HUMANITY Sam Liebowitz will discuss all types of topics to help you raise your awareness NEW EPISODE The Big Brand Formula This Thursday on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes Branding Evangelist Gerry Foster Gerry Foster developed a lifelong fascination with what we call branding created his own brand development company and has become known as one of the top Small Business Brand Strategists in the nation Gerry is the founder of the Big Brand Formula which shows small business owners how to create a big brand and a strong message that sells even if your budget is small so you can excite ignite and delight the market you re selling to Known as The Branding Evangelist Gerry has helped over 100 000 small businesses from over 600 different industries with their branding since starting in July 1985 Gerry sits on the faculty as the primary branding trainer at several well-known business growth conferences most notably CEO Space International and Make Your Mark the largest training and development company for small businesses in Canada And he has thousands of owners over the years through his online group coaching program or by taking them on as private clients Click here to visit this podcast episode