The Taxcast January 2016

In the January 2016 Tax Justice Network podcast What s Scotland got to do with the plunder of Moldova We take a look at the Wild West of Scottish Limited Partnerships Also we discuss the tensions in the EU is the net finally closing on multinational companies the tax minimisation deals they ve been getting from various European countries and the big four accountancy firms who advised them Just how bad was the sell off of one of Colombia s most profitable power generation companies And what s former UK Prime Minister Tony Blair got to do with it Also we talk about the MEP who s dragging the European Commission through the courts to get access to papers they d rather we didn t see John Christensen will eat his hat if they DON T reveal what MEP Fabio De Masi suspects they will systematic political backup for a tax avoidance cartel that costs taxpayers in the EU hundreds of billions of dollars annually Click here to visit this podcast episode