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Podcast: Heal Yourself. Change Your Life with Brandy Gillmore
Listening to the first few minutes of any episode from the Heal Yourself - Change Yourself podcast always lifts my spirits. From episodes on disease, injuries, and emotional pain, Dr. Brandy Gilmore interviews patients, gives us insight into their conditions, and shows the power of her experience in healing people. Dr. Gilmore has a way of keeping he audience engaged as she alternates between the patient session interviews and her explanation of what is happening which gives us good insight for someone who is going through a similar situation.

Details about this podcast

This podcast is hosted on Libsyn and is a Professional-level podcast on the New York City Podcast Network. Each episode runs on average between 45 to 60 minutes, but Dr. Gilmore is such a great podcaster that she is easy to listen to. I wish all doctors talked to their patients this nicely. This is one of the podcasts where I was able to stay engaged all the way through the episode.

About the episodes

In the episode titled 070: 3 Hidden Elements For Healing & The 4 W's For Winning At..., she explains the emotional and physical issues with Julie and how she works with her patients. In the episode titled 067: Your Dreams, Healing A Divided Family, Love & Health - because Dr Gilmore talks to Lisa about her life and how it would be if it were perfect. She talks to her patient about everything from her family life, her ideal life, and how she can create a shift around specific emotions and how Lisa's emotions were effected by her dreams.
I listened to other episodes as well and they are all great as they focus on improving everything from your energy to your inner gifts, growth, fixing your effective life from past hurt feelings, and empowering people inspiring their self-healing powers.[p]

Dr. Gilmore's Personally Selected Highlighted Episode:

017: Identifying Blocks on Money, Self-Worth and Subconscious Links to Alcohol

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