Trusting In Life

This week on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam once again brings you a show without a guest as he discusses directly with you all about Trusting In Life We all make plans We all have goals We all have idea of how we think our life will go Then what happens The unexpected The unusual The bizzare Life happens and how we deal with the unexpected directly relates to the quality of our life Do we embrace it Do we find joy in the unknown Or do we resent it because we don t end up withthe life we wanted Sam will relate how his own life has been one of constant twists and turns and how is has turned out even better than he ever could have expected Segment 1 Gratitude When we give thanks it empowers us and takes us to the highest vibration which allows us to be creators When life is great we think we created it We re quick to accept responsibility for good things but we don t accept that we create the negative things in life If we have more gratitude even for things that knock us out of balance then we can start to shift Notice your interactions with people when you show up with gratitude versus when you show up with grumpiness If we create a disempowering story around our experiences and life we won t feel good But we change the story to something that empowers us and makes us feel good for who we are we can be creators For a specific example if you re providing a product or service to people the more people will respond to that and naturally be more loyal customers and refer people to you It s not about what you do it is about the energy you bring to what you do Segment 2 Trust makes our life so much easier to live Doesn t mean it s easy but it s easier to live Many people plan out their life and similarly for Sam he had planned to study science in college and go to Stony Brook He trusted life and signs in front of him and went to Stevens He didn t enjoy the school but met interesting people And met someone who hypnotically regressed people to their past lives and put Sam on his initial spiritual path Trusting in life is not always easy doesn t mean things will go the way we want but doesn t necessarily mean it won t be good Segment 3 Sam s friend started to show signs of schizophrenia and if Sam didn t help him nobody would He felt this was the right thing to do so he moved in with his friend however the symptoms were getting worse As if this difficult time could not get harder he was mugged at gunpoint Though he got his belongings back things were getting worse Sam was lost and put one foot in front of the other He didn t know where he was going but trusted in life The process of healing continued and just by saying yes to what life presents he stepped back onto the path of spirituality Because universe and life took him through healing and energy work and into spirituality he was ready to resume his path Segment 4 Sam was reconnected with old friends from 5 years ago and went on his own spiritual path without any guidance but all with trust in life His friend invited him to a ceremony about plant medicine Though Sam was skeptical about plant medicine he decided to give the ceremony a shot and immediately felt all the weight on his shoulders disappear He s training to become a facilitator in this work and other practices He got here because he said yes He would not be conscious consultant today if he had not said yes to life 35 years ago when he said yes to the college and the struggles he faced that only prepared him for today If you are inspired send Sam and email at sam at theconsciousconsultant com to hear more stories and lessons on trusting life a little more Click here to visit this podcast episode