Walking The Conscious Path With Steve Hasenberg

Walking the Conscious Path This Thursday on The Conscious Consultant Hour Sam welcomes spiritual psychotherapist Steve Hasenberg Steve has been a spiritual psychotherapist for over thirty five years He has a private practice in Santa Monica and does workshops on Buddhist Mindfulness Loving Kindness and Conscious Relationships Steve has taught over two thousand people how to meditate utilizing the Transcendental Meditation technique and has just completed a 17 part YouTube video series entitled Secrets of the Universe Walking the Conscious Path Segment 1 Sam gives insight on the power of thoughts and while the positive thoughts become positive events of our lives negative thoughts can manifest into a negative reality regardless if they are intentional or not We manifest what we think whether its what we want or don t want which is why he should focus on solutions goals destinations instead of where we ve been or where we don t want to be Our dreams hope and desires are the outcomes that resonate with us the most which is what we should prioritize them Segment 2 Sam welcomes spiritual psychotherapist Steve Hasenberg to the program to enlighten listeners on what led Hasenberg to adopt the spiritual aspect to his title and his journey in the field of psychology Hasenberg also discusses his enlightening spiritual experiences during his youth which led to his path towards Buddhism Segment 3 Steve Hasenberg discusses his recent battle with an illness that interfered with his ability to work which resulted in losing his home clients and friends The trying times are what forced him to draw on resources that he never knew he possessed The silver lining is what triggered daily extraordinary spiritual experiences that were triggered by the love and compassion he gained for himself Segment 4 Steve Hasenberg discusses how he approaches non-spiritual individuals who ask for his help and the significance of thoughts and feelings He then reveals the biggest challenge in his life and how his adolescence led to self-hate and eventually finding his identity and the connection between spirituality and our daily earthly experience Click here to visit this podcast episode