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Listening to the Work Besties episode of She's Gonna Say It's podcast makes you want to relate. In this episode, Libby P, TT, and Miss Lu all talk frenemies, work brother, work husbands, and the people you work with, the people you see every day at work in the episode called Work Besties. They talk about the rules for your work besties.[p] This podcast episode shows a funny take and a dissection of the phenomenon of the "Work Spouse" and how it affects the real relationship like a real husband or wife and how to explain the work spouse to your real souse or significant other. The women take it all the way to the extreme. If you have a work bestie, listen to these amazing women to see exactly how to explain it to real spouse or your real partner. This episode talks about the environmental, relationship, and financial issues and solutions of work besties in a hilarious tone.[p]

About the She's Gonna Say It Podcast

This podcast consists of 3 Women/Sisters with different opinions. They are Libby P, Miss Lu and TT. The description is "You may agree, you may disagree but She’s Gonna Say It" and it fits so well. This podcast is hilarious.  With episode titles like Relationship Dealbreakers, Jealousy, and Degrading Evolution Of Reality TV[p]
Also, the favorite "Coffee Talk" series starting with the Coffee Talk! (with an exclamation point) starts it all off. For the Coffee Talk series, the casts just talk and have fun. You need to listen to the Coffee Talk series all at once in order to get the effect, so subscribe to this podcast just for that.[p]

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