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Since we do not host podcasts, all traffic goes to your podcast page which means more revenue for you and your podcast. Higher premium plans will help you receive more listeners and subscribers as well as more traffic in general.

FREE Exposure

174 Podcasters

✓  Daily Episode Update
✓  Dedicated Podcast Page
✓  1 Category
✓  Other Podcasts Showing
✓  Ads May Display
✓  Free Portal Account to Manage Your Podcast

Standard Exposure

218 Podcasters

✓  Everything in the FREE plan plus:
✓  3 Categories Total
✓  Views and Download Counter
✓  Your Episodes Recommended
✓  2 Social Media Icons
✓  1 link to such as Apple or SoundCloud
✓  High Listing on Podcast Directory
✓  No Other Podcasts Showing
✓  No Ads Showing

Most Popular!

Professional Exposure

447 Podcasters

✓  Everything in Standard plan plus:
✓  HIGHEST Listing on Podcast Directory
✓  5 Categories in Total
✓  5 Social Media Icons in Total
✓  2 links to such as Apple, Spotify, Etc
✓  Your Episodes On Home Page
✓  Your Episodes on Partner Websites
✓  Your Podcast Shows On Free Podcasts
✓  Highlight Any Episode
✓  Your Episodes on Our Facebook Page
✓  Add any subscriber link
✓  Podcast Analytics
✓  Monetization link
✓  Subscriber/Follower link
✓  QR Code
✓  Revenue potential:
✓  - Podcast commercial exchange
✓  - Host-Read Ads

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Upgraded Plans

How long does the yearly fee last for?

We promote you for a full 12 months.

Can I earn money for my podcast with the paid plans?

Yes, we add any monetization link (i.e. Paypal, Patreon, etc) to the Professional-level podcasts.

Under Professional level, it says “Highest Listing on Podcast Directory“. What exactly does that mean?

Since our podcast directory lists every podcast on the podcast network, we show all professional-level podcasts first. Next, we show the Standard-level podcasts. Finally, we show the free podcasts.

For Professional-level, what exactly does “Your Episodes On Home Page” mean?

Your latest episodes always show on the home page within 24 hours of you publishing them. The home page is the page on our podcast network with the most traffic, so you earn the most exposure with that benefit.

Under Professional level, it says Podcast Analytics. What exactly are the podcast analytics?

Just like Google Analytics, the podcast network tracks downloads, listens, links to external podcast platforms like Spotify, Apple, etc. We provide these statistics to our Professional level podcasts. We explain more about how the analytics work in this blog post.

I see that the Standard and Professional-level podcasts are eligible for Recommended Episodes. What exactly are they?

Recommended Episodes are promoted podcast episodes hand-picked by our team. The staff listens to over 100 podcast episodes every week, so when we see one we like, we add it to our Recommended Episodes page which is a very popular page since it shows audience members which ones we recommend. Only Standard and Professional podcasts are eligible.

The Professional plan offers partner websites. What are those partner sites?

We are always adding to our partners, but you can see a list at of partners on the Partners page.

The Professional plan offers the chance to “Highlight Any Episode”. How does that benefits work?

Every podcaster has a favorite episode that they like to push to their audiences. We offer Professional-level podcasts the ability to highlight any episode on their dedicated podcast profile.

I see that Standard and Professional-level podcasts offer a service called PodcasterLinks. What exactly is that and how does it differ from LinkTree?

For upgraded plans like Standard and Professional, we have a service called PodcasterLinks. It is a mobile version site similar to LinkTree except it is free to podcasters and it shows your latest 5 episodes. It appears like a mobile app on mobile devices.

If I upgrade to the Standard or Premium plan, do you accept major credit cards?

Yes, we accept major credit cards and Paypal.